Um super-interessante livro que a empresa Forrester acaba de lançar: Empowered (Empoderado)! O site do livro é o http://www.forrester.com/empowered/index.html.

A chamada para o livro veio por email pelo Forrester’s September CIO First Look.  E os dizeres são:

“Whether you like it or not, your customers and employees have access to simple and free technologies that connect them with thousands — if not millions — of like-minded individuals. Their topic of conversation? You: Your brand, your product, your company. As these technologies become more accessible through mediums beyond IT’s control, CIOs have but one choice: See the benefits by empowering employees, or swim against the current. Forrester’s latest book, Empowered, provides the method for reaping the benefits. Complete with case studies, tools, methodologies, and step-by-step advice, this book provides the blueprints of success.
Learning IT’s role in this is a key step toward IT’s transformation to a business technology (BT) organization. Without IT’s help, your business users will launch their own internal collaboration spaces and interact with external customers through unsanctioned channels. Many of these covert innovation efforts will fizzle and die, creating embarrassing customer-facing failures or hurting your chances of harnessing internal collaboration. Or, they could explode beyond anyone’s control. Forrester finds that BT leaders are reacting not by blocking access but by lending their expertise to increase the chances of technology success and empowering the users to solve customer and business problems.
 CIOs who want to change IT’s reputation from roadblock to enabler must lead their organization’s empowered strategy. But this is unfamiliar territory to most IT leaders. In many ways, CIOs must change direction in order to ensure that employees and the brand are kept safe. If you want to know what direction that is and how to get there, be sure to attend our teleconference on the empowered strategy, “Empowered IT Strategy: How Can You Empower Employees To Solve Customer And Business Problems?” Deciding whether or not to go ahead with individual projects within this campaign will be among the most difficult challenges. Luckily, Forrester has designed an interactive tool to guide leaders through the evaluation and help them make a decision. Much of our recent and upcoming research builds on the themes outlined in Empowered, helping you get ahead of the trend. Recent reports include:

“Insights For CIOs: Make Mobility Standard Business Practice” by Tim Sheedy
“IT Governance In A BT World” by Craig Symons
“Put Your Emerging-Technology Strategy Into A Business Context” by Bobby Cameron

As well as some upcoming research:
“Build An Empowered IT Strategy” by Ted Schadler
“Support HEROes With Social Innovation Networks” by Nigel Fenwick

Empowered Table Of Contents

part one. HEROes

Chapter 1: Why your business needs HEROes

part two. What HEROes Do

Chapter 2: Employee HEROes and their projects

Chapter 3: Peer Influence Analysis

Chapter 4: Delivering groundswell customer service

Chapter 5: Empowering customers with mobile

Chapter 6: Amplifying your fans

part three. The HERO-powered business

Chapter 7: Do-it-yourself technology fuels the HERO compact

Chapter 8: Is your company ready for HEROes?

Chapter 9: Leading and managing HEROes

Chapter 10: Helping HEROes innovate

Chapter 11: Helping HEROes collaborate

Chapter 12: Keeping HEROes safe

Chapter 13: Supporting HEROes with technology innovation

Chapter 14: Becoming HERO-powered


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