HP: Cloud computing to the enterprise in 2015 will be the basis for IT!

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September 5th, 2010

HP: Cloud computing to the enterprise in 2015 will be the basis for IT!

92% of the IT industry executives predict, service-based computing model will become the mainstream in the years

Beijing, May 24, 2010 – Hewlett-Packard has announced its 2010 Asian Technology Conference Acer Aspire 1680 battery cloud (Cloud Asia 2010), on the spot for the participants of the survey results. The results showed that the representatives attending the event in the industry agree that cloud computing will become the mainstream enterprise applications in Asia. 92% of respondents believe that companies in Asia within five years using cloud computing services.


In the 100 delegates participating in the survey, more than two-thirds (68%) of people on the cloud technology very optimistic attitude, they are expected within three years, Asian companies will be widely used in cloud computing services. In addition, 2 / 3 (66%) of respondents said their companies are planning to use cloud computing platform within three years.


3 / 4 (75%) of respondents believe that this trend occurs because the cloud computing can be extended continuously improve IT flexibility, while 68% of the respondents think that the main advantage of cloud computing is the ability to reduce costs. In addition, more than half (54%) of respondents pointed out that the use of cloud computing, enterprises will not need to regularly upgrade the hardware, as well as 42% of people expect the development of cloud computing can help today’s global enterprises to improve collaboration efficiency.


1 / 3 (30%) of respondents said that the development of cloud computing on the road to a major obstacle is safety. 82% of respondents said that data privacy is the primary issue of concern. Although most of the representatives surveyed (88%) have said, IT managers are very clear from the whole Dell Inspiron 500m battery cloud computing benefits, but there are still 20% of people think that all corporate chief technology officer who is on cloud computing lack of understanding, which restricted the clouds in enterprise promotion.

HP Labs head of Chris Whitney Singapore pointed out that “in the Cloud Asia 2010 on, it is clear that many Asian companies are seriously considering the use of cloud technology, and familiar with the benefits of cloud technology, but still support the adoption of this technology wait and see. the next few years in Asia, cloud computing is a critical period of development. I strongly recommend the Asian business world, from other parts of the successful blueprint of best practices and lessons learned, using the environment for Asia’s diverse cloud computing services and infrastructure. “

About the survey

Cloud Asia 2010 held in May 2010, from Asia and other parts of the members of academic institutions, as well as from public and private industry sectors (such as bio-medicine, digital media, natural sciences and manufacturing industries) research institutes and laboratories representatives participated in this conference. HP’s investigation of the 100 delegates attending the meeting.

Vodacom will use a number of intelligent workload management technology Novell

Across Africa to provide infrastructure and SaaS Solutions

May 24, 2010, Beijing – Recently, Novell announced the company and Vodacom Business will cooperate in the network provider’s cloud hosting solution integrates a number of Novell’s intelligent workload management products, including: SUSE ® Linux Enterprise Server, Platespin ® Virtualization and Workload Management, and Identity and Security solutions. Vodacom Business is a British company’s major shareholder of Vodafone Group. The partnership is designed to help businesses across Africa for the Vodacom commercial cloud infrastructure companies to deploy multi-user shared applications, for secure distribution, management and monitoring.

Management cloud

As enterprises shift to the cloud, the successful management of all aspects of infrastructure, HP pavilion dv6000 battery technology becomes more urgent, including service quality, safety and availability. Customers need access to the physical and virtual server environment, comprehensive information, to get the real use of resources, especially in trying to adjust the scale, rapid distribution of work load time. From complex server consolidation and capacity planning activities, remove speculation behavior, Vodacom Novell commercial companies are using the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and virtualization and workload management solutions, including PlateSpin Recon, PlateSpin Migrate and PlateSpin Protect, to respond to growing business requirements, improve server workload performance, reduce power consumption and cost.

Protection cloud

A major advantage of cloud computing is to provide flexible on-demand model, when necessary, companies can quickly access additional computing power. But it also brought significant challenges to security and auditing. Current regulations reflect the identity and security in compliance when the detailed auditing records. Vodacom Business will use Novell identity and security management solutions provide customers can cloud data center assets, as the expansion of the capacity. Intelligent workload management, a core principle of the integration of resources in the cloud identity and security management. This will ensure compliance strategy and process and prudent business practices are fully implemented.

“Cloud computing will change the way companies operate. Service delivery model has great scalability, resource and capacity-intensive low, making institutions to lower the cost of purchased robust and reliable infrastructure and application services.” Vodacom managed services business company executive head of Richard Vester said. “But for security concerns has been the adoption of cloud computing constraints. Our collaboration with Novell will allow us to provide support for customer specific security policies and compliance requirements of infrastructure and application services.”

The partners have extensive experience working, application providers to help provide security in the cloud in the commercial business, such as BasisOne, a South African hosting service provider, its platform is the application of a Novell identity and security solutions, and commercial use of Vodacom’s private cloud solutions for the SAP ERP as a service deployment. Using Novell identity and security solutions, BasisOne organization can be a business security policy extends to some Sony VGP-BPS2 battery applications, these applications run in the Vodacom business’s advanced data center virtual server.

“Cloud computing is the Vodacom business the company’s strategy, we are very pleased to be their cloud strategy works and technology solutions partner.” Novell EMEA vice president of service provider said Markus J. Krauss. “Novell is trying to become intelligent workload management market leader, Vodacom Business is another example of this strategy. We look forward to a more agile agile partners, cost-effective, scalable way to manage, optimize and secure protect the cloud environment, so that their customers can fully benefit from cloud computing. “


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