When a business should consider hybrid cloud computing

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When a business should consider hybrid cloud computing

June 27th, 2010 by Rahul Jain

Hybrid Cloud Computing is an emerging strategy in a cloud computing environment. It makes use of in-house resources, together with external cloud services, either on a continuous basis or in form of a ‘cloudburst’. So a company using hybrid cloud computing, may store sensitive data on its own data centre, while making use of public and private cloud services for infrastructure and general computing.

With the use of a hybrid cloud computing model, a company can capitalise on the advantages of keeping data secure while outsourcing infrastructure and other computing services to the cloud. This enables an effective ROI, cost and ease of use benefits, while reaching a broader market. A hybrid cloud environment seamlessly integrates such external applications available on the private and public clouds, with your own in-built processes.

So it makes sense for a company to work in a hybrid cloud environment with various concurrent cloud computing strategies that combine the private and public clouds, while integrating the internal.

While every start-up and established business has some tool to manage cloud computing, to effectively gain an edge over your competitors in a cost-effective manner, you need to mash external applications with your own systems for better outreach, sales and ROI.. So if your business needs to keep control of company data that can be handled internally, while wanting a virtualised pool of public software-as-a-service for database management, marketing and computing solutions, then a hybrid cloud computing strategy is just what you need.

As a business, you will be having on-site software applications that are customised to your business. But you may additionally want to streamline and automate tasks to suit your business requirements, that may not be addressed by the software solutions you are using. You may also want to integrate external software-as-a-service processes into your on-site applications for a workable solution. This is possible with the use of such SaaS offerings from a vendor’s hybrid platform that effectively integrate into your core applications.

When should a business consider hybrid cloud computing?
As using services of vendors on the private cloud costs money, you will need to devise a strategy that helps you decide the right time to opt for hybrid cloud computing.

When your business uses e-mail marketing as a prime marketing tool, you should consider the hybrid cloud computing on-demand services of vendors like Sage. You get cost effective e-marketing tools with templates for email content, survey for feedback and drip marketing controls for automated e-marketing that integrate with your contacts and on-site systems.

To make use of social media marketing for your business promotion and development, you will want to integrate social media management Software-as-a-Service applications offered by private cloud hosts that work in tandem with your data base.

When you need to address sales and budgetary problems of marketing, you will want a hybrid cloud model that uses email within sales and marketing campaigns to complement on-site and hosted CRM systems.

To reach out to a wider audience more effectively and inexpensively, you should use a hybrid cloud model to drive sales that also manage your database and e-commerce process concurrenlty.

To create an automated sales and marketing campaign for multi-step drip marketing campaigns, you should make use of hybrid environment that integrate emails, mailers, telemarketing, direct sales with Web forms offered by public clouds, and transfer them into your existing records.

For automated list creation of your prime sales leads that lead to substantial business volume, your business should use hybrid cloud computing solutions.

To integrate your company payroll system to accounting and Human Resource applications you should turn to the hybrid cloud environment that offers Software-as-a-Service for an effective computing solution.

An app store or application marketplace will have a marquee vendor like Google, Intuit or Salesforce, to give you a fully integrated solution that works on the hybrid cloud platform to fulfil all your business needs.



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