CRM: Software as a Service versus On-premise – benefits and drawbacks

Uma interessante tese, escrita a quatro mãos (achei estranho, mas é verdade!) por dois estudantes do Departamento de Informática da Universidade de Lund, na Suécia.  A tese, cujo resumo segue abaixo, pode baixada em!

É um estudo sobre os benefícios e problemas de um CRM num modelo SaaS ou num modelo tradicional, dentro das próprias organizações que o implementam.  Vale a pena ler!

CRM: Software as a Service versus On-premise – benefits and drawbacks

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Author: Thanawin Ratametha; Manasa Veeragandham; [2009]

Keywords: CRM as a Service; Customer Relationship Management; CRM on-demand; Cloud computing; Software as a Service; On-demand software; SaaS’s benefits and drawbacks; CRM as a Service’s benefits and drawbacks; Informatics; systems theory; Informatik; systemteori; Mathematics and Statistics;


Nowadays, most of organizations try to find the best solution to improve their business processes by using advantage of technologies, which are always developing to replace the mistake of traditional version, one of the most critical evolutions in technology system is Customer relationship management (CRM). CRM stakeholders who implementing CRM system or plan to implement CRM system had faced a lot of uncertainty in new technology, in this case, our focus is on CRM as a Service solution. CRM as a Service is CRM system that applied software as a service (SaaS) technology as a concept of cloud computing. It is a web-based application that hosted CRM application in provider’s side, where clients can access to one copy of application by web browser through internet. To investigate the improvement of CRM, we tried to evaluate SaaS’s benefits and drawbacks that assume to affect CRM as a Service solution. During this process, we had adopted interview as our research methodology and to observe the improvement of CRM system certain to conduct a survey questionnaire. Our research model will be oriented towards investigation of CRM as a Service system based on SaaS’s benefits and drawbacks. In this thesis, we are trying to acquire a better understand in benefits and drawbacks of CRM as a Service which applying the SaaS platform to improve CRM performance, it is helpful to evaluate the CRM as a Service in SaaS’s benefits and drawbacks aspects by considering the CRM experts perspective, it help the IT investors in organization, who plan or approach to on-demand service, to gain more knowledge in CRM on-demand service, and in long run to make right decision in CRM solution to their companies.


4 Respostas to “CRM: Software as a Service versus On-premise – benefits and drawbacks”

  1. Carlos Ortiz Says: was the first truly succesful SaaS provider, and as such it reigns almost alone in the CRM environment. They killed Siebel basically. The analysis is very thorough, but looks detached from the realities of the marketplace.

    Muito obrigado pelo seu blog.

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    There are many CRM options in the market today. Maybe this blog article can help with the selection process:

  3. Intelestream Says:

    Your research, will more then likely shed additional light to this interesting matter. From Intelestream, a CRM consulting firm, we’d like to add some thoughts about the differences of both systems. Each definitely have their pros and cons, and certainly, it depends on the size and needs of the company whether on suits better then the other. With the advent of the cloud, On Demand CRM apps are accessible from anywhere and the technology has become cost effective for small and medium sized businesses. We have written a whitepaper comparing Online versus OnPremise CRM solutions that will be helpful. It can be read at Intelestream’s web page.

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    CRM: Software as a Service versus On-premise – benefits and drawbacks | JCC.COM

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