The Universal, Entrepreneurial Concept of “Jugaad”

Este post (de 14/12/2009) veio do blog do Prof. Mark Perry (!


The Universal, Entrepreneurial Concept of “Jugaad”

Nick Schulz at The Enterprise blog points today to a news report featuring a Legatum Institute study about India’s entrepreneurial sector, and a separate related blog post, which both discuss the concept of “jugaad,” a Hindi word describing entrepreneurial ingenuity in the face of adversity, equivalent in English translation to “making do,” “jury-rigging,” or using a “duct-tape arrangement.” 

According to the “Our Delhi Struggle Blog,” the concept of jugaad is:

Best illustrated by a common rural sight that people actually refer to as “a jugaad”: a homemade vehicle made by cobbling together a wooden cart with the kind of diesel water pump farmers use for irrigation (see photo below).  Fitted with makeshift steering and braking mechanisms, these jugaad vehicles are used for everything: for transporting people from one village to another, with dozens of riders crammed together tighter than the bundles of sugarcane they are also used to transport; for trips to regional markets; and for transporting the pump itself. Farmers share or rent these pumps, and this arrangement lets the pump actually transport itself to wherever it’s needed next. These vehicles reflect the true spirit of innovation in rural India.

Here’s another fine example of Indian jugaad ingenuity:

Of course, jugaad is not unique to India and is a universal philosophical outlook that applies whenever entrepreneurs are trying to solve problems with what they have, not with what they wish they had. For example, here are some fine examples of American “Redneck-jugaad,” see more pictures here and here:


Uma resposta to “The Universal, Entrepreneurial Concept of “Jugaad””

  1. Prasad Kaipa Says:

    thanks for posting photos of Redneck Jugaad — I would rather call them REdneck ingenuity or creativity…
    In India, Jugaad innovation comes about because of resource constraints and not because they would love to have fun being creative. One day, I am sure it will happen, but for now, it is out of desperation and lack of alteratives, people come up with Jugaad solutions.
    Prasad Kaipa

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