Open Government & Innovations Conference

Amanhã e depois vai ocorrer nos EUA a Open Government & Innovations Conference (  Patrocinada pelo Departamento de Defesa americano, tem tudo para trazer novidades.  Tim O´Reilly é um dos principais speakers!


Facilitated by the Department of Defense, the Open Government & Innovations program will feature real-world case studies and insights presented by the government leaders who, themselves, are leveraging social media tools and Web 2.0 technologies to define and create a more open and innovative United States government.

Leaders from a wide array of government agencies will share how they are building collaborative alliances and penning new policies to achieve President Obama’s vision for a more transparent, participatory and collaborative government.

The Department of Defense’s leadership defining critical themes and topics for OGI’s sessions and keynotes, enables this conference to uniquely resonate with the government audience from the inside out.

The Open Government Innovations Conference (OGI) is an opportunity to collaboratively explore how government can use—and is already using—social media tools and social software to achieve President Obama’s call for government transparency, participation, collaboration and innovation.

On July 21 & 22, 2009, thought leaders from government and industry will convene at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington to share ideas and case studies about how federal, state and local government can use emerging technologies to create a more efficient and effective government—Government 2.0 by:
o Collaborating across government agencies
o Engaging citizens
o Partnering with industry


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