Accenture promotes innovation

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16-Apr-09 1:00 AM

Accenture promotes innovation

Supply chain professionals who want to stay on top of their game need to innovate and improve on existing procurement strategies, says Accenture. The company’s new Singapore facility is aimed at helping these professionals do just that.

The 4,000 sqft Management Consulting Innovation Centre will offer procurement and supply chain professionals a space to work with experienced consulting teams to develop and align business strategies in areas such as operational excellence, cost management and sustainability, Accenture said.

Accenture said it is also able to cover topics such as maximising effectiveness and efficiency in end-to-end operations, innovating new procurement strategies and how to better manage sourcing operations, said Eric Van Steen, centre director for MCIC and Asean lead for supply chain strategy and planning at Accenture.

“We’ve got very in-depth researches around what it takes to become a supply chain master and we’ve covered the whole breath of supply chain from sourcing and procurement all the way to manufacturing and planning… We are now in the process of creating specific workshops around each of those aspects in the new Singapore centre,” Van Steen said.

Located in Fusionpolis, the purpose-built facility is equipped with advanced multimedia presentation tools, resources and world-class infrastructure. It also offers a separate break out area for multiple ongoing discussions, fully equipped with collaboration tools and a modular workshop design.

Mark Foster, group CEO said believes it is important for businesses to reassess operations in order to stay afloat during recessionary times. “With businesses facing issues more challenging than ever, those who regularly review, refine and adopt their strategies to respond to market trends will come out of the current economic climate better positioned for the future. Our innovation centre is designed to help clients adopt strategies that will ensure that success,” he said.


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