Microsoft beats Yahoo and Google, reels in Deadliest Catch (Microsoft bate Yahoo e Google, e bobina em Deadliest Catch)

Mais um demonstrativo que a toda poderosa Microsoft reafirma sua estratégia histórica: deixa que um novo mercado surja, percebe onde pode extrair maior vantagem e, finalmente dá o bote!  A mais recentemente de suas façanhas é o novo online advertising market (que serve de plataforma para a venda de sua boutique de produtos)!


Microsoft beats Yahoo and Google, reels in Deadliest Catch
The Discovery Channel has chosen Microsoft over Yahoo and Google as the advertiser for the fifth season of its Deadliest Catch show.

Emil Protalinski | Last updated April 13, 2009 4:22 PM CT

Microsoft beats Yahoo and Google, reels in Deadliest Catch

Finally beating Google and Yahoo to the punch, Microsoft Advertising has inked a deal with the Discovery Channel to promote its “Deadliest Catch” television series across Microsoft’s advertising platform. Deadliest Catch, a reality series which centers on crab fishing in the waters off Alaska, is entering its fifth season. Discovery handed over the show’s entire online advertising budget (seven figures) to Microsoft, purchasing more than 90 percent of the software giant’s advertising inventory owned on MSNBC, Fox Sports, MSN, MSN Mobile, and Xbox LIVE. The main advertising push will begin on April 14, 2009, the same day the new season debuts at 9pm ET on the Discovery Channel, and will include a variety of Microsoft-developed video, mobile and interactive media, as well as in-game advertising assets. Keith Lorizio, vice president of US sales, Microsoft Advertising, seemed happy about the deal:

The doors to our one-stop shop are open. The Deadliest Catch campaign demonstrates how we are making it easier for customers to buy and integrate multiplatform digital campaigns. In partnership with just one publisher, advertisers reach a targetable, premium online audience where they consume digital content most — PC, mobile and TV screens.
The campaign will include interactive over-the-page ads, DVR reminders, calendar updates, text alerts, and e-mails via the MSN and MSN Mobile homepages. It will also include Transitional Skin on MSN Video and MSNBC Video, search keywords on Live Search, a Deadliest Catch Text to Win Sweepstakes for Microsoft Points (two million points will be given away) on the Xbox LIVE platform, and targeted in-game ads, as well as ads on Windows Live Hotmail, Fox Sports, and MSNBC. In order to gain respect as an online advertiser, Microsoft is going to need a handful more deals like this.


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