Fique Nú e Governe o Mundo

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Empresas inteligentes estão compartilhando segredos com seus rivais, colocando nos blogs os produtos de suas linhas de produção, admitindo até deficiências nos mesmos. O nome deste jogo é TRANSPARÊNCIA RADICAL, e está varrendo as salas de trabalho em todo os EUA.  Eis a matéria principal da revista Wired de março.

Esta matéria é basicamente sobre a atividade de blogging na Microsoft e a evolução do Channel 9, o site de blogs da empresa para seus desenvolvedores.  A manchete é uma referência ao livro de Robert Scoble (que era da Microsoft)  intitulado “Naked Conversations” (Conversas Núas). 

Quem faz um breve relato desta matéria é Don Dodge (do Microsoft Emerging Business Team) no seu blog.  Segundo ele, Jeff Sandquist, que gerencia o Channel 9 e as relações com desenvolvedores da empresa, foi entrevistado pela Wired.  Ele escreveu no seu blog como foi a trajetória de seis meses desta matéria.

O fato é que a Microsoft permite que seus empregados, como Don Dodge, bloguem sobre qualquer tópico sem qualquer revisão ou censura.  Ou seja, nenhum PR (public relations) ou interferência legal, e nenhuma revisão da gerência sobre qualquer coisa que eles escrevem.  Existem mais de 4.000 empregados na Microsoft que escrevem em blogs os mais inimagináveis tópicos. 

A Microsoft confia em que seus empregados falem para seus consumidores, parceiros, e a imprensa todos os dias.  O outro lado da moeda em ser aberto e transparente é que algumas vezes você pode ser pego “nú”.  Mas isso é parte de todo processo de quem se arrisca ousando falar o que bem quiser.

Do nosso ponto de vista, este é um grande exemplo empresarial de Democracia Deliberativa.  É quase impossível que 4.000 empregados pensem igualmente; portanto, somente a exposição, através de blogs, dos diferentes pontos de vista de cada um, já revela um grande compromisso desta empresa com o debate democrático.

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    […] By using the e-governe tool, the municipality will be able to manage its human resource better, so as to ensure an increase in employee productivity. In the same accord, City Hall will be able to gauge the performance of various government officials based on customer reviews. In so doing, cases of redundancy will undergo elimination. Through the portal, clients will be able to get in touch with people of higher authority so as to have issues regarding personal health and education solved. By you using the e-governe system, you will be in a position of scheduling medical appointments from the comfort of your home. As a result, cases of unforeseen queues will be a thing of the past. Hence, the introduction of e-governe is a step in the right direction. Because of improved Medicare, people will rarely die from diseases that can easily be controlled thus reducing the nation’s annual mortality rate. […]

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    […] In places like Saude, and elsewhere in the country, substantial benefits of the implementation of e-governe have been realized. They include; improvement of the organization of work procedures, control of agreements between cities and the state, or between the towns, enabling the restructuring of health service delivery, and enabling equitable distribution of units of health. Other related advantages are improving efficient management of financial transfers, tracking the patient’s flow from one city to the other, refocusing delivery of important services to the regions. To ensure that the installation of the ICT system will not cause confusion, all the municipalities will train administrators to man the system servers. The training in places like Teresina by the ICI or Instituto Curitiba de Informática – ICI will speed up the operations of the system tools at […]

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    […] execution of e-governe system tools. To optimize e-government services, Teresinense Data Processing Company’s President, Miguel Oliveira, says that meetings with representatives from the Municipal Education Department, […]

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    […] E-governe is a technology company that is a partnership of three leading information technology solutions providers. These are Minauro, Consult, and SisterPlan. It provides cutting edge technologies, data protection and flexible modular systems for public agencies. The company partners with local solutions providers and state agencies to upgrade government systems into the digital era. The enterprise platform the group implements is aimed at helping agencies achieve better efficiency and service delivery. […]

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    […] the municipals of Health Foundation, the finance department, and the education department met to strategies the system’s optimization. Among the first users of the system was Instituto Curitiba de Informatica which relied on it for […]

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    […] company will test all versions of their software, and they will ask the office staff to check the systems. They train the staff to use the programs […]

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    […] on extending services in the country to municipalities and institutions with technology. Their innovative software platforms are designed to change the way that educational systems to government are maintained, […]

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    […] E-Governe is an innovative information technology system that is presently being implemented by the Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI). More and more public institutions and municipalities are beginning to realize the importance of implementing the efficient system to help them in their daily operations. So far, the cities of Teresina and Osasco are leading the pack. […]

  44. E-Governe System Adopted by Government of Osasco | Poco Museum Says:

    […] also gained a reputation for inefficient and somewhat corrupt governance over the years. With the implementation of e-governe, these things will be consigned to ancient history. E-governe promises to take the city’s […]

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    […] is an IT-oriented company. It is constantly upgrading its software and general technological infrastructure. This is in line with the company’s goal of delivering […]

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    […] The benefits of e-government software solutions and apps almost cannot be overstated. E-governance can bring best practices and proven methods of accounting, data collection and other crucial governmental tasks into the hands of administrators. These systems can turn almost any government employee into a powerhouse of productivity, guiding them in their work effectively and efficiently. […]

  47. How E-Governe is Making Services Better – Hackronym Says:

    […] E-governe is a management system that was developed to improve services to the public. The systems were designed with the end user in mind. The platform can be accessed using different devices including computers and mobile devices. This makes it easier for it to be used by several people and makes it simpler to collaborate. They have a dedicated team of support staff who provide assistance to the users of e-governe. Clients are assured that their queries will be addressed in the case of anything. E-governe has various safety protocols in place to ensure that the data is protected. Each user is given different access privileges. This can be managed by the system administrator. […]

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    […] the name of the company, e-governe. E-governe operates by offering governmental organizations with top notch software. This software contributes to the improvement of work done through increasing the speed. The body […]

  49. The Convenience of E-Governe – Movie Fox Says:

    […] that help them to supplement their learning. E-governe has proven to be a reliable tool because a system administrator can control it. The administrator can set different access privileges for users so that they can […]

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    […] educational software packages for the government in Brazil is one business that Egoverne is growing quarter after […]

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    […] of using eGoverne is that they are ahead of much of the competition when it comes to technology. The systems that they provide allow for simple navigation and automation, which can be accessed by a user on […]

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    […] is run by experts in the field of technology and management. They use their knowledge to create software based specifically on the client’s needs. As leaders in the market, they understand exactly how to […]


    […] e-govern system has also increased the speed with which public demands are responded through system tools that allow for instant received comments analysis.Another company that adopted the e-govern system […]

  54. E-governe makes budget formation process more efficient – Says:

    […] E-governe solves these issues. With e-governe, budget formation is made easy. Using the e-governe interface, all stakeholders are simultaneously brought into the budget formation process, making it completely transparent and leaving no one feeling as if they got the short end of the stick. With the high degrees of transparency that e-governe brings to the table, opportunities for corruption and theft are dramatically reduced. These latter two are problems that have typically plagued local governments of Latin America in general and Brazil in particular for centuries. With e-governe, the near total elimination of corruption become an attainable goal, creating higher levels of trust in local government and greater value for the taxpayer. […]

  55. E-governe minimizes opportunity for government corruption – Ask Miss Mommy Says:

    […] one of the choke points at which corruption can either fester or be stamped out. With e-governe, systems can be implemented that raise the accountability level to nearly 100 percent, while making any form […]

  56. india- india Says:

    Financial industry

    Fique Nú e Governe o Mundo | JCC.COM

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